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Today's Guru Picks

Sample of Hamilton Ocean Reef Italian Damask Upholstery Fabric in Coral

CODE: 2990hm 59.3
In Stock: 156


Sample of Hamilton Middleton Velvet Upholstery Fabric in Jasmine Made in India

CODE: 2902hm 59.3
In Stock: 976


Sample of Robert Allen Khandar Ikat Type Print Drapery Fabric in Indigo

CODE: 222ras 36.1
In Stock: 980


Sample of Robert Allen Woodblock Leaf Printed Cotton Drapery Fabric in Rain

CODE: 106ras 68.1
In Stock: 141


Sample of TFA Atara Tapestry Upholstery Fabric in Skittles $19.95 per yard

CODE: 244 73.1
In Stock: 985


Sample of Mill Creek Fresco Dyed Solid Outdoor Fabric in Atlantis

CODE: 2930mc 61.3
In Stock: 154


Sample of Robert Allen Velvet Geo Upholstery Fabric in Turquoise

CODE: 3000ras 49.4
In Stock: 133


Sample of Robert Allen Casablanca Geo Upholstery Fabric in Toffee

CODE: 3070ras 49.4
In Stock: 142


Sample of Robert Allen - DwellStudios Batavia Ikat Printed Cotton Drapery Fabric in Aqua Marine

CODE: 3574ras 43.3
In Stock: 81


Sample of Richloom Lofton Printed Polyester Outdoor Fabric in Garden

CODE: 1006rh 39.2
In Stock: 156


Sample of Robert Allen Velvet Geo Upholstery Fabric in Mineral

CODE: 3252ras 38.4
In Stock: 83


Sample of Robert Allen Baja Linen Printed Polyester Outdoor Fabric in Turquoise

CODE: 3208ras 38.4
In Stock: 109


Sample of Richloom Fresca Printed Poly Outdoor Fabric in Mist $8.95 per yard

CODE: 3266rh 73.4
In Stock: 982


Sample of Hamilton Kingsland Velvet Upholstery Fabric in Gold Made in India

CODE: 2904hm 59.3
In Stock: 163


Sample of Hamilton Soho Velvet Upholstery Fabric in Jasmine Made in India

CODE: 2908hm 59.3
In Stock: 987


Sample of Robert Allen Pure Petals Drapery Fabric in Pomegranate

CODE: 1448ras 56.2
In Stock: 965


Sample of TFA Tarok Tapestry Upholstery Fabric in Spring $14.95 per yard

CODE: 280 73.1
In Stock: 984


Sample of Premier Prints Suzani Printed Cotton Drapery Fabric in Summerland/Natural

CODE: 1106 44.2
In Stock: 155


Sample of Robert Allen Ikat Fret Tapestry Upholstery Fabric in Pewter

CODE: 3082ras 49.4
In Stock: 978


Sample of Hamilton Evita Chenille Upholstery Fabric in Ice Made in India

CODE: 2914hm 59.3
In Stock: 987


Sample of Latona in Caribbean Chenille Patterned Upholstery Fabric by Mill Creek $11.95 per yard

CODE: 450 73.1
In Stock: 975


Sample of Premier Prints Embrace -Macon Printed Cotton Drapery Fabric in Saffron $7.48 per yard

CODE: 1014 73.2
In Stock: 977


Sample of Premier Prints Ozborne Printed Cotton Drapery Fabric in Village Blue/Natural

CODE: 4276 37.5
In Stock: 159


Sample of Chenille Damask Upholstery Fabric in Firebrick $10.95 per yard

CODE: 1160 72.2
In Stock: 994



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FabricGuru Tip

It only takes 3/4 of a yard of 54" upholstery fabric to re-cover two standard chair bottoms! So 2.25 yards of upholstery fabric will do 6 chair bottoms. The 3/4 yard cut gives you two 27" x 27" pieces of fabric to work with.   If the patten of the fabric is large and has to be centered it can take a little more.  When selecting your fabric remember woven upholstery fabric is more durable and printed drapery fabric can be used for light duty applications.