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Today's Guru Picks

Fabricut Choli Linen Decorator Fabric in Watermelon $9.95 per yard

CODE: 2454a 67.3
In Stock: 43


Fabricut 01688 Damask Upholstery Fabric in Waterfall $6.95 per yard

CODE: 1678 76.2
In Stock: 42


Fabricut Beautiful Girl Printed Cotton/Linen Drapery Fabric in Exotic $16.95 per yard

CODE: 3376 78.4
In Stock: 46


Fabricut Anatolian Chainstitched Silk Decorator Fabric in Bark $29.95 per yard

CODE: 2574a 67.3
In Stock: 13


Fabricut Cape Hatteras Embroidered Cotton/Linen Drapery Fabric in Autumn $14.95 per yard

CODE: 2556a 67.3
In Stock: 10


Fabricut Esteban Embroidered Linen Decorator Fabric in Mist $14.95 per yard

CODE: 2536a 67.3
In Stock: 29


Fabricut Anatolian Chainstitched Silk Decorator Fabric in Chocolate $29.95 per yard

CODE: 2502a 67.3
In Stock: 3


Fabricut Cow Tales Embroidered Faux Leather Upholstery Fabric in Black $11.95 per yard

CODE: 8026a 67.6
In Stock: 26


Fabricut Osborn Linen & Cotton Drapery Fabric in Ivory $8.95 per yard

CODE: 2444a 67.3
In Stock: 3


Fabricut Kanchan Taupe Cotton Batiste Drapery Fabric with Wool Chainstitched Crewel Pattern $24.95 per yard

CODE: 2534a 67.3
In Stock: 22


Fabricut Cayman Chainstitched Linen Decorator Fabric in buttercream $19.95 per yard

CODE: 2566a 67.3
In Stock: 28


Fabricut Melanie Damask Upholstery Fabric in Chocolate $6.95 per yard

CODE: 2546a 67.3
In Stock: 25


Fabricut 01375 Damask Upholstery Fabric in Patina $6.95 per yard

CODE: 1792 76.2
In Stock: 17


Fabricut Jambi Damask Upholstery Fabric in Horizon $6.95 per yard

CODE: 3372 78.4
In Stock: 29


Fabricut Cruz Bay Embroidered Linen & Cotton Drapery Fabric in Tropical $14.95 per yard

CODE: 2560a 67.3
In Stock: 30


Fabricut Ally Linen Blend Drapery Fabric in Capri $8.95 per yard

CODE: 8040a 67.6
In Stock: 29


Fabricut Bulls Eye Upholstery Fabric in Bluebell $5.95 per yard

CODE: 2446a 67.3
In Stock: 23


Fabricut Bubbly Embroidered Cotton Decorator Fabric in Raspberry $7.95 per yard

CODE: 2436a 67.3
In Stock: 29


Fabricut Suede Polyester Suedecloth Decorator Fabric in Poppy $7.95 per yard

CODE: 2422a 67.3
In Stock: 7


Fabricut Osborn Linen Drapery Fabric in Beige $8.95 per yard

CODE: 2564a 67.3
In Stock: 20


Fabricut Chartreaux Velvet Stripe Upholstery Fabric in Scarlet $11.95 per yard

CODE: 668 73.1
In Stock: 27


Fabricut Collier Campbell Patina Printed Linen Drapery Fabric in Seaspray $14.95 per yard

CODE: 3832 78.4
In Stock: 38


Fabricut Sailcloth Cotton Drapery Fabric in Garden $5.95 per yard

CODE: 8038a 67.6
In Stock: 16


Fabricut Arsenal Pickstitch Cotton Upholstery Fabric in Tidepool $7.95 per yard

CODE: 2460a 67.3
In Stock: 20



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FabricGuru Tip

It only takes 3/4 of a yard of 54" upholstery fabric to re-cover two standard chair bottoms! So 2.25 yards of upholstery fabric will do 6 chair bottoms. The 3/4 yard cut gives you two 27" x 27" pieces of fabric to work with.   If the patten of the fabric is large and has to be centered it can take a little more.  When selecting your fabric remember woven upholstery fabric is more durable and printed drapery fabric can be used for light duty applications.