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Contemporary & Retro Prints Drapery Fabric

Looking for contemporary curtain fabric to use in custom window treatments? Fabric Guru is the place to go. In business since 1999, we specialize in offering contemporary drapery fabric in a wide range of designs. Use the tabs on the left to shop by colors or price, and find just the right bold and retro curtain material for your project. Whether you are updating the living room, creating custom treatments for bedrooms, or helping a client add stylish curtains to his or her home, our retro drapery fabric is the perfect touch. Shop this page to explore a wide variety of retro material for curtains that can inspire you with how to complete your new window coverings. We sell our materials by the yard or as remnants. Designs come from leading brands such as Robert Allen, Premier Prints, Waverly, Duralee and more. Browse this page and place your online order today.

$11.95  per yard
Item #: 2448ras 73.3 In Stock: 101  yds

of 101 yards
$7.98  per yard
Item #: 1122 44.2 In Stock: 49  yds

of 49 yards
$12.95  per yard
Item #: 170ras 98.1 In Stock: 109  yds

of 109 yards
$19.95  per yard
Item #: 122ras 98.1 In Stock: 94  yds

of 94 yards
$13.95  per yard
Item #: 1448rax 56.2 In Stock: 17  yds

of 17 yards
$12.95  per yard
Item #: 132ras 98.1 In Stock: 142  yds

of 142 yards
$5.95  per yard
Item #: 4040rax 32.5 In Stock: 29  yds

of 29 yards
$11.95  per yard
Item #: 4024rax 32.5 In Stock: 10  yds

of 10 yards
$10.95  per yard
Item #: 114rax 68.1 In Stock: 25  yds

of 25 yards
$9.95  per yard
Item #: 1376rax 56.2 In Stock: 31  yds

of 31 yards
$7.98  per yard
Item #: 4030 102.5 In Stock: 32  yds

of 32 yards
$7.98  per yard
Item #: 4082 102.5 In Stock: 40  yds

of 40 yards