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Curtain Interlinin​gs - Cotton & Poly Drapery Lining

If you are making custom window treatments, adding a fabric liner is a great finishing touch. When you are looking for high-quality drapery lining, Fabric Guru is the place to go. On our website, we’re proud to offer premium drapery lining materials of various kinds. The beauty of drapery interlining fabric is how it can protect your fabric from damaging sunlight, add body, create a finished look to your window treatments and enhance insulation. Lining window coverings will protect your fabric from damaging sunlight, add body, create a finished look, and keep interiors warmer in winter and cooler in summer. At Fabric Guru, we have a wide selection of options for curtain lining fabric. Fabric Guru offers the best value in high-quality blackout, poly/cotton, 100% cotton and other drapery interlining options. Use the tabs on the left to search by color or price anytime. When you find the right product for your project, order online today.

$5.71  for entire remnant
Item #: 530rm 146.1 In Stock: 1  pc
$5.95  per yard
Item #: 2378 144.3 In Stock: 41  yds

of 41 yards
$5.95  per yard
Item #: 2380 144.3 In Stock: 47  yds

of 47 yards
$6.49  for entire remnant
Item #: 5192rm 133.6 In Stock: 1  pc
$6.49  per yard
Item #: BLWT In Stock: 276  yds

of 276 yards
$6.49  per yard
Item #: BLIV In Stock: 4  yds

of 4 yards
$2.99  per yard
Item #: Linit In Stock: 368  yds

of 368 yards
$2.99  per yard
Item #: LinitW In Stock: 121  yds

of 121 yards