7 Yards Printed Polyester Outdoor Fabric in New Red

1726RM 106.2
$27.98  for entire remnant
Item #: 1726RM 106.2 In Stock: 0  pcs
Out of stock
Note: Dark spots, fade line.

7 Yards Printed Polyester Outdoor Fabric in New Red. This printed indoor/outdoor fabric is perfect for any project where the fabric will be exposed to the weather. Uses include cushions, tablecloths, upholstery projects, decorative pillows and craft projects. This fabric has a slightly stiff feel but is easy to work with.

You receive an extra discount on this fabric due to the following imperfection(s): Dark spots, fade line.

  • Fiber Content: Polyester
  • Width: 54" (inches)
  • Note: the price is for the entire yardage in this listing

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