4.1 Yards Woven Stripe Upholstery Fabric in Billiard Green

338RM 113.1
$20.98  for entire remnant
Item #: 338RM 113.1 In Stock: 1  pc
In stock
Note: Bowed, dirty.

4.1 Yards Woven Stripe Upholstery Fabric in Billiard Green. This high end woven upholstery weight fabric is suited for uses requiring a more durable designer fabric. Uses include any upholstery project, sofas, chairs, dining chairs, pillows, certain types of window treatments, handbags and craft projects.

You receive an extra discount on this fabric due to the following imperfection(s): Bowed, dirty.

  • Width: 57" (inches)
  • Note: the price is for the entire yardage in this listing

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