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Robert Allen Fabric

Robert Allen Fabric

Buy Robert Allen fabric, sold as remnants and by the yard, online at Fabric Guru. We carry a wide variety of colors and styles, giving you plenty of possibilities for completing your project. Whether you’re making new curtains for the bedroom or reupholstering dining room chairs, Robert Allen textiles can be the perfect fit, especially when you find the great deals we offer. Fabric Guru is the Robert Allen fabric outlet where you can get discounts and closeout pricing on all the materials you love. To explore our various Robert Allen textiles, use the filters on the left to quickly find and buy your desired quantity or color. Browse and purchase all your Robert Allen drapery fabric or Robert Allen upholstery material today!

$14.95  per yard
Item #: 456RAS 104.1 In Stock: 110  yds

of 110 yards
$11.95  per yard
Item #: 2448ras 73.3 In Stock: 213  yds

of 213 yards
$15.95  per yard
Item #: 218ras 36.1 In Stock: 103  yds

of 103 yards
$12.95  per yard
Item #: 3068ras 49.4 In Stock: 155  yds

of 155 yards
$4.95  per yard
Item #: 1146 104.2 In Stock: 188  yds

of 188 yards
$19.95  per yard
Item #: 2382ras 73.3 In Stock: 215  yds

of 215 yards
$12.95  per yard
Item #: 2540rax 79.3 In Stock: 14  yds

of 14 yards
$14.95  per yard
Item #: 1336rax 79.2 In Stock: 15  yds

of 15 yards
$18.95  per yard
Item #: 3272ras 38.4 In Stock: 137  yds

of 137 yards
$16.95  per yard
Item #: 104ras 68.1 In Stock: 147  yds

of 147 yards
$22.95  per yard
Item #: 364RAS 104.1 In Stock: 102  yds

of 102 yards
$17.95  per yard
Item #: 3656rax 91.4 In Stock: 26  yds

of 26 yards