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Flagship FF40014-0026 Sunbrella Solution Dyed Acrylic Outdoor Fabric in Rivera. The Sunbrella water resistant yarn dyed acrylic outdoor fabric is resistant to fading, staining and wear, dries quickly and does not promote mildew growth. Uses include outdoor cushions, tablecloths, outdoor/indoor upholstery projects, decorative outdoor pillows and other outdoor projects. Sunbrella is somewhat stiff but is quite easy to work with and can be sewn with an at home sewing machine and heavy duty machine needle.

  • Fiber Content: 100% solution dyed Acrylic
  • Width: 54" (inches)
  • Weight: Approximately 8 oz. per sq. yard
  • High UV rating
  • Mildew resistant
  • Rated for 2000+ light hours
  • Water resistant
  • Breathable
  • Fade resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to sew
  • Minimal shrinking or stretching
  • Note: The price is per yard in this listing

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Sunbrella® fabrics blur the line between indoor and outdoor living.  Bring the ease of cleaning and fade resistance into your living room, or take the luxury and decoration outside.  Sunbrella fabric is perfect for cushions, pillows, upholstery projects, patio umbrellas, boat interiors, porches, and gazebos. When you choose Sunbrella, you can have the ultimate in cleanability and durability in one beautiful package.

During the production of Sunbrella fabrics, high performance, UV stabilized pigments are added to the yarn, giving Sunbrella fabrics color throughout, with no need to worry about that color fading.



  • Made with 100% solution-dyed acrylic
  • 54” wide
  • UV and fade-resistant
  • Minimal shrinking and stretching
  • 5 year limited warranty, for more information please visit sunbrella.com/warranty





With Sunbrella fabrics, cleaning is made easy so you can enjoy every moment that comes your way. All Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned with soap and water, and bleach can be used for those tough messes.





  • Stain and Mildew resistant
  • Water resistant 
  • Breathable
  • For detailed cleaning instructions, please 
  • visit www.sunbrella.com/cleaning





Sunbrella® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.

Sunbrella® videos(s) provided by Glen Raven, Inc., owner of the Sunbrella registered trademark.

Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of reccomendation

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Sunbrella fabrics in shading products as an aid in sun protection, in addition to a complete sun protection regimen.

GreenGuard Logo

Sunbrella upholstery fabrics have achieved Greenguard Gold Certification. Sunbrella upholstery fabrics are certified by Greenguard as contributing to healthy indoor air.

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