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Solid Outdoor Fabric - Outdoor Fabrics in Solid Colors

There’s nothing like custom-upholstered patio furniture to define an outdoor area. Dress yours in attractive, solid-color outdoor fabric in your choice of shades, and watch it transform into furniture you love. At Fabric Guru, we offer quality materials, specially made for outdoor use, in a rich array of colors and types. Choose from blues, greens, beiges, reds and other shades — as well as everything from polyester to acrylic to canvas. The beauty of our quality upholstery is that when covering your chair, chaise, sofa or other item with a new solid outdoor fabric, it can dramatically change its overall look and feel. To find the right option for your project, use the tabs on the left to search by color, size and price. Thanks to the wide variety and great prices available at Fabric Guru, we’re sure you will find the right outdoor solid fabric for your space. Browse here, make your selection and order today.

$11.95  per yard
Item #: 268rh 99.1 In Stock: 126  yds

of 126 yards
$22.95  per yard
Item #: 2812suns 51.3 In Stock: 42  yds

of 42 yards
$22.95  per yard
Item #: 2876suns 51.3 In Stock: 14  yds

of 14 yards
$22.95  per yard
Item #: 3200suns 62.4 In Stock: 56  yds

of 56 yards
$11.95  per yard
Item #: 262rh 99.1 In Stock: 75  yds

of 75 yards
$24.95  per yard
Item #: 2078suns 52.3 In Stock: 74  yds

of 74 yards
$11.95  per yard
Item #: 334rh 99.1 In Stock: 86  yds

of 86 yards
$9.95  per yard
Item #: 1822rh 56.2 In Stock: 17  yds

of 17 yards
$24.95  per yard
Item #: 2844suns 51.3 In Stock: 71  yds

of 71 yards
$11.95  per yard
Item #: 290rh 99.1 In Stock: 37  yds

of 37 yards
$8.95  per yard
Item #: 2300rh 62.3 In Stock: 3  yds

of 3 yards
$11.95  per yard
Item #: 260rh 99.1 In Stock: 110  yds

of 110 yards