Crypton Linden High Performance Woven Upholstery Fabric in Sprig $20.95 per yard

336CR 139.1
$23.95  per yard
Item #: 336CR 139.1 In Stock: 24  yds
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Crypton Linden High Performance Woven Upholstery Fabric in Sprig. This high end woven upholstery weight fabric is suited for uses requiring a more durable designer fabric. Uses include any upholstery project, sofas, chairs, dining chairs, pillows, certain types of window treatments, handbags and craft projects.

  • Fiber Content: Polyester
  • Abrasion: 50,000+ Double Rubs
  • Width: 57" (inches)
  • Note: The price is per yard in this listing

Crypton fabrics provide a level of comfort and security that is second to none. Crypton's breakthrough, stain resistant technology is present in every fiber of Crypton fabrics, providing both style and superior functionality: spills, stains, and other messes are easy to clean, while odors don't cling, and the Crypton technology provides the strength to keep your fabric looking like new for years to come. Choose Crypton fabrics for your highest traffic areas, it will certainly stand up to the task.

  • Built-in stain repellency and soil release make cleaning easy
  • Built-in odor resistance keeps your fabric fresh
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance to prevent scrapes and tears
  • Processed in the U.S.A
  • GreenGuard Gold certified


  • No PFOS, PFOA or PFCs – uses the latest EPA reviewed advancements in FluoroTechnology (stain resistance)
  • Contains C-6 fluorocarbon chemistry
  • Utilizes the same oleophobic (oil repellent) technology used in smart phones and tablets
  • Easy care, requires no harsh cleaners
  • Engineered durability


  • GREENGUARD Gold certification – healthier indoor air quality
  • EPA-registered silver ion for odor resistance
  • Research and patented formulations are developed, manufactured and tested under one roof ensuring quality and accountability


Fabric Brand / Designer:
Crypton Fabric

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