Abrasion Ratings

Abrasion ratings are measured in double rubs. the double rub rating of a fabric can help you determine whether it would make a good choice for your intended use. Following are general recommendations based on double rub ratings.

3,000 or less: best for applications where contact will be minimal, e.g. curtains, drapes, and pillows.

3,000 - 9,000: best for residential applications with little intended usage, e.g. formal use furniture

9,000 - 15,000: best for residential applications with moderate usage, e.g. living room furniture

15,000 - 30,000: this is the minimum acceptable range for commercial applications and make for extremely durable fabric in residential applications

30,000 or more: this is suitable for use in commercial applications where constant use is expected, e.g. restaurants, airports, theatres, etc.