Thibaut Pheasant Toile F96343 Printed Cotton Drapery Fabric in Green $19.95 per yard

1758TH 142.2
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Thibaut Pheasant Toile F96343 Printed Cotton Drapery Fabric in Green. This printed fabric is perfect for window treatments, decorative pillows, handbags, light duty upholstery applications and almost any craft project. This fabric has a soft workable feel yet is stable and durable.

  • Fiber Content: Cotton
  • Width: 54" (inches)
  • Pattern Repeat in Inches: (VxH) 36
  • Note: The price is per yard in this listing
  • Additional Notes: Thibaut, known for exceptionally beautiful, high quality fabrics, has given us the opportunity to acquire a wide variety of beautiful closeouts. As a result, is now the exclusive provider of Thibaut closeouts. This collaboration is a rare opportunity for crafters and businesses alike, so take advantage and shop our Thibaut closeout collection today!
Fabric Brand / Designer:
Thibaut FabricTop Shelf Fabric

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